Inaccurate prompt on returning to module

Hello folks

I have a large (1 hour long) piece of elearning that seemed to be running sweetly.  I am in the last stage of testing this before this is uploaded to our lms(there have been ongoing minor tweeks for weeks).  'Something' has happened and I can't figure out what.  I am not even sure if the problem might have been there all the time but not noticed until this point.

When a learner returns to the module the usual prompt of 'do you want to resume the course where you left off' appears.  If the learner selects 'yes' then another prompt appears 'You must pass the quiz to advance'.  Clicking on OK, even if it makes no sense as the prompt comes up after quizzes have been worked through, just freezes the entire thing on the opening page of the module.

The only thing that seems to work is to then exit the module, open it again and choose NO from from the 'do you want to resume' prompt - which is far from ideal!!!

I need to get this resolved really speedily and can't think what might be causing this.

I am hoping so much that someone can give me a pointer.

Thank you so much

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Peb Thomas

Hello Peter

I truly wish I could but my organisation's firewall prevents any material containing media from being emailed.  All work is encrypted so I can't send it off site.

I am completely stuck with this - and since it was due to go live by now and become a requirement for many hundreds of people to work through I am extremely concerned. 

I just don't know what to do to unpick why these prompts are 1. appearing when they shouldn't be (i.e. when people have completed the module and then revisit it) and 2. why a second prompt turns up with totally inaccurate information  (i.e. you need to complete the quiz before continuing)  This is then locking the module and it's not possible to move on and all you can do is close it completely.

(having a head in hands moment folks)

Peter Anderson

Hi Peb,

OK, let's try to figure out what might be happening. I have a feeling this might be the issue you're running into. Or, have you been testing the course online, and updating it after each "minor tweek"? If so, you could be running into this scenario. Let me know if either of those get things functioning properly and we can go from there. 

Peb Thomas

Hello Peter

You must have thought me ignorant as heck to have not responded for this long - but I had to put this problem to one side to resolve another glich which appeared from nowhere and then we had a bit of an event going on over here in the UK over the last few days

Now that I have experienced another glich (this one relating to a sudden vanishing of being able to print after a quiz) I am beginning to wonder if I have a problem with the software itself - maybe I have to get this reinstalled?

Anyway............... I followed your advice with the 'this might be the issue' link.  I set it up in the slide following a quiz as recommended - and it does seem to help in that if I exit immediately after the quiz, I do go back to the slide I was on.

I can't use it though - at least not in the form it appears at the moment.

The additional slide flashes onto the screen in its transition from the quiz to the next slide - and its distracting to say the least.  I would guess that to use this 'fix' properly I would need to repeat the addition of this screen after every quiz, and I have a few!

Is there a way to properly hide this slide so it makes no appearance whatsoever?  The guidance notes say that it won't be seen but it really is clearly visible - maybe I have superhuman eyesight but I could even read the word 'code' which is written on the slide before it vanished!

I really do appreciate you helping with this.