Incorrect/Old Info in the SCORM pacakge???

The LMS that I'm using populates a banner/title around a SCORM package.  I essentially did a file save as (and changed content of course) from an old activity both in the LMS and in Articulate.  The banner/title now includes the name of the old activity, instead of the name of the current activity.

I contacted the LMS vendor, and was told "It looks like the file that is being pulled into NetSCORE does not have the correct information in it.  The issue looks to be originating prior to coming into NetSCORE.  The thought is that maybe the tool  you are using (Articulate, etc) is not recognizing or updating the new SCORM package –even though you deleted and used a new SCORM package, somehow the tool is not updating the banner/top title.  When we checked the NetSCORE processes, it does not manipulate or change that field – it is set by the SCORM package."

In the articulate file, the published title is correct, and the file name is correct.  

What am I missing??

Many thanks!


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