Inherited a project

May 07, 2012

I've been sent 3 zip files for a project that I've inherited.  The original person and computer are no longer accessible.

-The FIRST zipped folder called "Main", has the following files:

Folder: "Video" (contains a thumbs.db file)

Project Student Guide.pdf




Project Student Guide.doc

-The SECOND zipped folder called "Videos 1", has the following files:

Folder "Videos 1" (contains: Form.pdf; Chapter 5_1 thru  flv files; Chapter 6 1 thru 2 wmv files)

-The THIRD zipped folder called "Videos 2", has the following files:

Folder "Videos 2" (contains: license.pdf; Three Quiz files; Several flz, mp4 and wmv files)

When I unzipped these files, I could not get the project to run.  I THINK that I do not have the correct locations for these files.  Would you be so kind as to tell me if I'm right and the best way to compile these files so that I can edit them?

Thank you!  -Alma

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Alma Cote

Yes, sir. That's correct.  When I open that file, as any ppt file that I've personally created with Articulate, PowerPoint opens and allows me to preview and edit them, but THIS one does not allow me to preview nor edit any of the videos, or quizzes associated with this project, thus I assumed they are not in the correct location for this ppt to access.

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