Insert Multiple Engage as swf (flash) in presenter

Hi everyone I am trying to locate the details (step by step) instructions on how to insert multiple Engage Interaction as a swf. I am not sure how to rename the files.

I know how to insert one interaction like David Describes in this screenr But for this project I need to insert multiple interactions.

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Donna Pepper

Hi Zara,

I was just looking at a screenr from slhice where she created her website and its various components with Articulate. This screenr is about publishing and includes information about how she dealt with the Engage interactions she used throughout. Even though I haven't tried this yet, thought it might answer your question. Here's the link... - good luck.


Donna Pepper

That's the part I haven't tried, Zara. I have successfully used the process to insert Engage interactions as web objects described by articulatedf in this screenr - 

The thing I haven't tried is using that process with multiple interactions on one slide.

When I was asking something similar about the steps for the technique David describes in the original screenr you mentioned, someone replied with this so I thought it might help. I know I'm mixing strategies here but thought maybe something might help with what you are trying to do...

(This is from Blair Parkin)

There is also a useful screenr from Tom on how to create a master slide for inserting interactions as flash objects. Definitely useful if you want to hide the "Next Slide" button

In terms of steps here is what I always do:

  1. Create presentation as per normal
  2. Create Engage interactions and publish them to my project folder. I have a seperate project folder for each module/presentation I am working on.
  3. The published interactions will all be called "engage". If you are inserting more than one flash interaction you will need to rename the "engage.swf" and "engage_content" folder. Replace "engage" with something relevant to each interaction. e.g. if your interaction was about a house you would have "house.swf" and "house_content"
  4. Insert the interactions as falsh objects as in the screenrs above
  5. Publish your presentation/module
  6. copy the _content folder into Data > swf folder of your published course. Your flash interaction will be in there, renamed with "fm" at the beginning of the file name e.g. fm_house.swf" and "fm_house_content"
  7. rename the _content folder you just copied in with "fm_" at the front to match the flash interaction. 

Hope this helps in terms of written instructions


Jerome Roque

Thanks Zara! I realized I was adding the "fm_" before I actually published Articulate. Now that I recognized what I did wrong, it works.

Here's my question though-- for some reason the quiz interaction that I added, won't work even after I followed the same steps. Any idea on what I could be missing?

I inserted a Quizmaker interaction the same way I did an Engage interaction as a swf file. After publishing Presenter, I copied the folder as instructed accordingly.

David Anderson

That's right, you don't need to rename anything regarding Quizmaker (assuming you inserted your Quizmaker file from Articulate > Quizmaker). You really shouldn't see an "fm_quiz_content" folder after you publish. How did you generate "fm_quiz.swf"?

The method Zara demonstrated by browsing and inserting the .swf file only works with Engage. 

Anu Ashwat

Hi Brian,

I am trying to add an Engage interaction (flipbook) as a Flash file.  I published the interaction  and changed the naming convention to fm_engage content and fm_engage.swf. I inserted the flash movie.  I still see only the slide spinning and nothing happens when I preview.

I think I'm missing something here. I even installed Flash Player 10.2.

Appreciate your feedback.



Phil Mayor

It will never work in preview, you need to view the published file, you dont need to rename your swf that you insert just the folder, if you navigate to the data/swf folder and look for fm_engage.swf (although I expect yours will be fm_fm_engage.swf) double click it and your engage file should load, if it doesnt you need to rename your file fm_fm_engage_content


Anu Ashwat

Hi Phil,

I double clicked on the fm_engage.swf file and I can see the output from that folder.  However how do I access it from the Presenter slide that has a flash movie..i only see a blue screen with the wheel spinning.  What would be my next step after clicking on the fm_engage.swf..Do I go back to Presenter and Preview the file?  I did preview but nothing is happening..maybe I'm missing a step here.



Anu Ashwat

Ok it is working now Phil.  I have inserted a flip book inside a picture (girl holding the frame) in the Presenter.  The flip book has audio and text.  When I click player.html, for a brief second I hear the audio and the first page of the book and then it starts all over again.  I'm wondering if there is duplicate .swf file that is causing this to come twice. Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.