Insert Storyline Content into Presenter - Size Issues

Hi - I'm trying to insert Storyline content into an Articulate 09 presentation, and I'm having sizing problems.

Either the Storyline web object is too big and covers up part of the player skin (the part for navigation!) Or if I get it small enough to fit in the slide area, there's too much white space around the Storyline content.

I just want Storyline content that is 6.42 inches by 10 inches -  the size of my PowerPoint slide less the title bar.

Any tips on setting the size of the Storyline content and the web object in order to acheive that?



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Steve Jones

Hi Peter - Thanks for the reply.

I've seen that video, I still can't  figure out how to get my content to fit into and stay into 6.42inch by 10inch powerpoint slide without covering up parts of the skin.

There seems to be 3 size settings: the Storyline part, the Index.html, and the web object size settings. I've been experimenting with all 3 to get my Storyline content to fit onto my powerpoint slide. Just can't get it to look right.