Inserted audio (music) file will not play in preview/publish?

Oct 17, 2011


I am wondering why an inserted audio(music) file will play fine in PPT but will not play in Presenter preview/publish mode.  It was playing fine previously and I was able to have recorded narration with it.  Went back to the slide to make adjustments, can see the audio icon on slide, but now won't play music at all in Preview/Publish mode just my recorded narration plays? Tried several times to delete and reinsert with no luck?

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Paul Cameron

OK, I'm quite new to this. However, in my efforts to do the same thing any audio file imported into Powerpoint seems to get ignored when the presentation is published. So, instead, use the Import Audio window from the Articulate tab. Browse for a compatible audio file and import the audio file for the slide. I generally edit the audio file in Vegas Pro first to get the delay and timing correct for the slide, but any good editor will work.

Rick Cheeseman


i have inserted an audio file into a powerpoint slide (PPT 2008: Insert > Sound and Music > From File . . .) and set it to run when the speaker icon is clicked.

it works fine in powerpoint Slide Show mode but the speaker icon is a dead element when published with presenter.

when i have import the file through the presenter menu, it runs but there is no control over when it runs.  it just starts when the slide appears.

is the problem that the powerpoint 'Insert > Sound and Music > From File' command is not supported in Presenter '09?

if yes, is there a workaround?



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