Inserted MP4 video won't play ... not even in PowerPoint slide much less published content!

So, here's my problem ...

I followed the instructions on how to insert a video and it all works exactly as it's supposed to until I click the OK button on the "Add Slide Video From File" window. The still-image from the video gets inserted but there is no way to play the video - no Video Tools tab comes up when I click on the image. 

If I simply drag and drop the MP4 file into the slide, I'm able play the video in the PowerPoint, however, when I try to preview it in Presenter or publish it, the video will not play. 

Any suggestions?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michael, 

When adding a video did you ensure that you were adding it from the Articulate tab vs. the built in powerpoint way to add a video? You mentioned that you see the image, and when you've added it that way are you able to preview or publish the course to see the video? You'll want to ensure you're working on local project files and if Presenter continues to behave oddly you'll want to look at going through the repair.  

If it continues to behave oddly, could you share the Presenter package or a copy of the MP4 file so that we could take a look and do some testing?