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I am using a series of videos in a presenter 09 course. The idea is the learner watches the video then the next page is a quizmaker quiz over the video content. Each video has an audio clip to introduce it and provide instructions on what to look for in the video.

I attached the audio through "Import Audio" then I inserted the flash movie into the slide. Initially, I used the following properties: 1. Display in slide 2. Adv slide automatically 3. Synchronize slide and movie. the result was the intro audio and the video started at te same time and the audio "talked over each other".

So I changed the properties to 1. Display in slide 2. Adv Side automatically and 3. Movies plays independently which then allowed me to "Start the flash movie 4 secs into the slide" (4 secs in the length of the intro). This worked but the page advanced before the video was done. 

 I then changed the properties again so that  the adv to next slide is when user clicks next. Bottom line, that works but is there a way s tat te learner hears the intro, sees the entire video then at theend of the video it advances? The video clip is 28 secs.

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Brian Allen

Have you considered placing the audio introduction on a separate slide than the video?  For each segment you would have three slides: 1 for audio intro, one for video, and one for quizmaker.

Another option could possibly be to add the video to your quizmaker slide?

A third option I can think of would be to edit the video and incorporate the audio introduction into the beginning of the video so that you only have to insert one file, rather than two separate files.