Inserting as web objects or swf that have scroll bar

Ok I am not sure how the best way is or how to do what I am trying to do so I need some help.

The image is from Google book so i can just simply insert the web page however if a user does not have access (big brother restrictions) then they don't get to see the slide. So I am trying to find a way to insert the image as a web object or swf or something. They have to be able to scroll the whole image.

If you could give me your suggestion and perhaps how to do it it would be great.

I want to take

and put it into the view window of the iPad

But i would like the user to be able to scroll to see the whole image.

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Zara Ogden

Hi Brian

Thanks for your response. I followed your suggestion but it is not quite a fix for me. Do you know of any other way that i can have the image insert as an object and get a scroll bar. I got no flash skills here.


This is my doc

Zara Ogden

But it really looks off cause the image can't be fully seen. Can the image change size or anything that you are aware of?

Or I have a trial version of CS5 do you know of a screenr or something (quickish) that could describe how to make a better looking image?

Headed out for the weekend but will be trying to find a solution on Monday.

Thanks tons for your help.

Zara Ogden

Hi everyone still looking for some assistance and advice on a solution to my issue.

I am trying to take a pic or pdf or doc and put it into a window and have the user scroll up and down to get a respectable view of the image.

Youbilsher was a good option but not a good fit for a single doc. It won't fit nice in the window.

I have 8 days left on my CS5 trial so if you know some code that might help i have dreamweaver access...

Mike Enders


A couple of quick thoughts...if you can convert to PDF...

1. Adding the PDF as a web object and then dropping the PDF into the root folder?

2. Converting the PDF to a SWF file and adding it in as a flash movie.


You could also convert to an image file (say, .png) and insert that as a web object and drop

the image file in the root folder post publish.


Phil Mayor

Hi Zara

You could fake a scroll in articulate with some hidden slides using an image cropped to fit in the slide with a scrollbar, when you hit the down arrow it flicks to another slide with  the next part of the document.  with some animation this would look good, you could split it over as many slides as you need and just get your branching correct it would look good.


Zara Ogden

My dear and great customer service guru Brian. Than you for your great assistance it was right under our noses...

The response should be something like this.

Dear Zara

Please stop being such a lazy git and look up how to do things in the knowledge base. To perform the actions you have request see the following article found in the knowledge base and the screenr i have personally developed for you in advance on August 24 (yr unknown) at 9:45pm...

LOL - so glad you guys have patience for me.

The only problem is I am having issues publishing the solution. Any ideas???

To insert a doc perferable a PDF look here...

Knowledge Base

Brian's Screenr

Zara Ogden


I recorded a Screenr of the issue i am having...Funny story

Yesterday I would preview the slide and all would be fine then the web object would disappear. Then I would reinsert and publish and the link would not work and would disappear.

Today, I inserted the web object previewed the slide, all is fine then the web object disappeared. Then I reinserted the object and published and it worked but when i return to PPT the web object is gone.

So the current issue is the web object will not save and stay in my presentation.

Brian Batt

Hi Zara,

It sounds like the Communicator add-in may be disabled in PowerPoint.  Could you try re-enabling it to see if that resolves your issue?

Also, could you try closing PowerPoint, temporarily disabling your anti-virus, and then trying to replicate the issue?

Let me know if you continue to have problems.