Inserting Camtasia video into Presenter

I've just been told that I can't use .mp4 format for producing my Camtasia videos because our customers computers don't support .mp4 and that they would be opening from their browser that doesn't support .mp4, unless Articulate converts it into something different once it's imported. I don't understand all that. I just know that it works for me.

If this is true, is there another way I can import Camtasia video into Articulate?

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David Anderson

How long is your screencast? Since .mp4 isn't an option, I'd recommend trying .flvs over .swfs if your movies are longer than a minute or so. The .swf files may be smaller, but .flvs generally retain better quality for longer files. Again, test both outputs, but either will work well in Presenter.

You should also set the video to synchronise with player rather than play independently.

Tanya Samuels

And to answer your question David, I have several screencasts that I'm importing and they range from 1 to 9 minutes. I don't know why we have so many limitations, but I'm hoping the swf solution works now that I'm so far into the Articulate development. This is the first time I'm using Articulate for a course.

David Anderson

Hey Tanya - That size is fine you don't show the sidebar. You can set your slide to change views automatically in the Slide Properties window. Or you can instruct your learners to click the change view button. 

Check out this example of full-sized screencasts inserted into Presenter. Slide 1 includes some basic instructions for using the change view button and slide 4 includes a full screen video. I didn't enable the auto-resizing in this example, but it's an option if you want it.

David Anderson

Hi Tanya,

The Flash player version isn't an issue as much as the ActionScript version of the published .swf file. Have you tried inserting a Camtasia published .swf file and inserting into your course? Even if the Camtasia published .swf is using ActionScript 3, you can insert it using a local Web Object. That would work.

Another option would be to publish your Camtasia recording to mp4 and then use something like Format Factory to convert to a .swf file. That too, should work.


Phil Corriveau

Hi David.  My understanding is that SWF videos produced by Camtasia do not contain ActionScript--as long as no playback controls are selected in Camtasia.  Is that no longer the case (at least it used to be that way)?

If that still holds true, selecting no playback controls in Camtasia takes ActionScript out of the equation.