Inserting Captivate 5.5 SWF as a web object - issues

I just watched a great demo by Brian Batt about how to insert a Captivate 5 SWF file into Articulate as a web object. Unfortunately... it didn't work for me. When I publish the Articulate, I just get a white slide rather than the simulation. The SWF file runs because at the end of it, the Next button flashes but there's nothing there to see. I am using Captivate 5.5, not Captivate 5. I have Windows 7 64-bit, PPT 2010, Articulate Studio 9 and IE9. Does any of that matter or am I just doing something wrong in the index file?

Thank you for your help and time!


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Michele Micha

Hi Brian, thanks for the reply.

I gave it another try and this time when I opened the published file in Mozilla, the simulation ran. Thank you for the tip about not using IE and not viewing locally.

I have two follow up questions:

1. I need to send the published file to a client to review locally. Will they not be able to view it locally in IE? What if I upload it to a website and have them view it from there? Will that work via IE?

2. The client will be loading the course onto their LMS and then the users will view it in IE 7 or 8. Is this going to be an issue? I don't know if they download it from the LMS... I am going to ask them to test as well.

Thank you for your help!


Scott Muth

What do you do, if you want to import more than one Captivate index.html into Articulate?  I found that Articulate will not allow me to create sub-folder to 'My Adobe Captivate Files" for individual access.  This is a problem, since you can not have more than one index.html file in the same folder.


Brian Batt

Hi Scott & welcome to Heroes,

You can only import one web object per slide.  So, to import another Captivate file, you would need to create a new slide & import the new web object using the same method.  In the published output, each web object is put into its own unique folder.  Thus, allowing multiple web objects per presentation.

Scott Muth

Thanks Brian,

I do want to import more than one Captivate file per presentation and not slide.  For example, slide 5 has Captivate index.html residing in "My Adobe Captivate Projects,' But what do I do if I want to add another Captivate file to the same presentation or event a different presentation?

Thanks again