Inserting Games into Presenter

I tried searching for a thread on this topic and was surprised that there weren't any in here. I'm very interested in incorporating games in to my presenter file; I got a subscription to elearning brothers (or something like that) last year but could not figure out how games were integrated into Presenter.

And again, searching for a threat in E-learning heroes... nothing.

Am I searching for the wrong term, surely "games" is an important aspect (or could be) of using Studio 13. (?)

I'd appreciate any leads about where I could find out more about how to do this with Presenter 13.



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Parker Donat

Hi Jim, we actually have a video being made for your specific question. But as far as I know, use a web object just like you would in Storyline and use our HTML5 or XML game templates. 

Here is a link that will show the game templates you can use after you know how to import the games: