Inserting New Slides & Maintining Narration Associations

Jun 13, 2011

Working on my 1st commercial PowerPoint/Presenter project and just inserted 5 new slides at the beginning (i.e. what was slide 1 is now slide 6).

Narration-to-slide relationships did not change. For example, the narration for slide 1 is still connected with the NEW slide 1 rather than the original slide it was connected with (i.e. should have moved with slide 6).

How does one insert a new PowerPoint slide, let’s say at position 1, and have all existing slides bump down by 1 position (i.e. slide that was originally position 1 is now position 2), maintaining all associations of narrations and animations ?

Thank you … Bill

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Justin Wilcox

Hey Bill. If you add a slide, that should have no impact on the audio. The audio should remain with the slide you originally added it to. How did you add the narration? Did you import the audio or record it using Articulate -> Record Narration or did you use PowerPoint's SlideShow -> Record Narration? Is the PowerPoint file located on your C: drive rather than a network drive? Working on a network drive can cause erratic behavior.

Bill Finnerty


I added the narration by importing wav files, 1 wav to each slide.

PowerPoint and the project files are all located on my C: drive (no network drives involved).

Interestingly, I just deleted the 5 new slides and published. The flash content is just fine – all narrations are associated with the correct slides.

I used PowerPoint 2000 SR-1 for importing the narrations and, after copying entire project over to another PC, used PowerPoint 2007 when adding the new slides.

I used PowerPoint’s duplicate selected slide, edited the duplicated slide and repeated the process for each new slide.

Bill Finnerty


My bad – shame on me & please accept my apology.

When I duplicate the selected slide, for example duplicate slide 1, slide 2 is the newly inserted slide but I was editing the original slide 1 and wondering why the slide 1 narration didn’t move to the slide 2 position ! I need to use the slide organizer to get them all in the proper order. 

Silly me - good thing I’m not doing brain surgery!

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