Inspiration Needed

Hi Guys.

I'm new to the training industy, having worked in UK night clubs for 20 years.

I'm trying to write courses to train bar staff in Resposible Alcohol Retail, to sell as an induction course. My design skills are really poor and even though I spend hours on tutorials I just can't come up with something I'm happy with. Its just the basic design theme I'm after.

Can anybody help? I'd be forever grateful

Mark Bowden

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Mark Bowden

Hi Poornima. Thanks for the reply.

I've download loads of good stuff and I actually wrote my very first course using one of Tom's templates. I don't think I'd be anywhere without the community stuff.

The course seems to do do OK and it's solved a solution but it just doesn't do it for me. Have a look at it. Honest comments welcome. The main plus point is the audio. My wife's a presenter!

The files for the other course are here.

The part in the file where a man walks into a bar, needs a re-think. I can't get it to work correctly.

Cast your eye on it, I'd welcome any ideas


Poornima Ramachandran

Hi Mark,

Sorry, I just managed to get half an hour to work on this... I have attached what I have built. I have tried to `create' a bar environment to an already existing template.

And I could not successfuly open the attachment. I unzipped it, but have no clue how to proceed further.

Mark Bowden

That was first one I have ever done and quite a long course to tackle. The qualification has always been a full day's training but by doing it this it will really change the UK market for the Personal Licence. It's a qualification you have to do in the UK if you want to sell alcohol to the market is very big.

As I learn more I'll certainly make some changes to it.

Glad you took the time to look.