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Daniel  Feerst

1. I have Windows 10 64 bit, and Microsoft Office 2013
2. Jumping ahead in this story, I needed MS  Publisher 2003 on my computer for another important project that later versions of MS Publisher 10, 13, 16 DO NOT read properly (2003 is the most stable, cross platform version ever!) Remember this part of the story!

3. With MS Office 2013 still on my computer, I added MS Publisher 2003 IN #2 ABOVE. No problem.
4. Suddenly Articulate would not work, but I had no idea why!! Nothing would make it work. Everything looked perfect, except when I tried to import sound or slide properties, "Articulate Crashed".
5. Uninstalling and installing had no effect. It still failed.........
6. So, I decided to add Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 as a separate program to see if the problem was with MS PowerPoint. Low and behold, it would not load!!!!!!. It said there was a corrupt 2003 program on my computer--as the reason why!
7. ah ha!!!!! - So, I uninstalled MS Publisher 2003. Blew off the idea of installing 2010 PowerPoint for the moment, and tried Articulate again with 2013, as usual.
8. IT WORKED!!!!!!!
9. WHAT MS PUBLISHER 2003 HAS TO DO WITH THIS, I DO NOT KNOW,  BUT THE PROGRAM IS NOT CORRUPT! I am going to attempt to load it again, and see what happens!
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