Installing Shane Matthews font


I used the the method in Tom's screenr video to download and install fonts (right clicked on install after download). I don't think I was 100% successful, as they are not appearing in the PowerPoint drop down list of fonts. (I did close and re-open ppt) Is that where I would select them? This is the first time I've tried this.

I also don't know if I needed to download them to a specific folder. I created a folder called Shane and put them there. Extracted... there was one file. Right-clicked and installed. I saw the fonts to the right.

Should I have downloaded them to a Fonts folder, which I saw pictured in one of the other methods?

I was unable to post the question on the screenr page. Post comments was grayed out... :-(


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Janet Bernhards

Hi Leslie,

There may be an error in that article--I'm not sure. I initiated the run command, which takes me to the Fonts folder--but my Windows 7 does not display a File menu.I *do* have administrator privileges so it's not that.

I'll try one of Tom's other methods. It does appear that they are not in the right place.


Janet Bernhards


It looks like the fonts were installed after all... except I still have a problem. (I did it again with a different method, and it said "already installed.")

The problem is, I can choose the font from the drop-down menu in Microsoft Word, but the font does not show in PowerPoint.