InstallShield Wizard, Internet Explorer running ...

I am reinstalling Articulate Studio 9 on a new laptop; I have nothing open in the background, all applications and remnant programs are closed; however, the InstallShield Wizard states "It appears you have Microsoft Internet Explorer running.  Please close any open Microsoft Internet Explorer windows and click Retry."  (When I check the task manager, only the installer is listed).  I need some help, thanks.

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Peter Anderson

Hi Todd,

Try this and let us know if it bypasses the issue:

At the download page, click Save rather than Run when prompted. Save the installers to your desktop or another location on your hard drive. When the download completes, exit out of Internet Explorer. Then launch the installer. The installers will not run while Internet Explorer is running.

Todd McQuage

Hi Peter, thanks for the reply; you'll see I addressed the concern over IE running, even in a remnant state, through the Task Manager in the snapshot provided in my original post.  What did work ... I had to clear the prefetch data and temporary files on my system for the install to continue.  It may very well have been that I had IE opened on the first attempt, then closed it ... but the temporary files may not have cleared.  Basically, my mistake, works great now.