Integrating Captivate Interactions?

Mar 23, 2011


I am part of a team that is working on a training module. Originally the module was built in Captivate but nothing worked as it should and we decided to move everything, including designs for future projects, into Articulate. If there was ever a customer to talk to about the benefits of Articulate it may just be us. 

However, a lot of work was put into creating the Captivate interactions (ie drag and drop scenarios, glossaries) and now that we have moved onto building the training in Articulate I'm afraid that we will have to start from scratch. Is there anyway to transfer over these interactions? Some of them will not be able to be recreated within Articulate and our training would suffer if we could not import them.

Any ideas are very very much appreciated.

Thank you!


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Brian Batt

Hi Mark,

Yes, the web object method works for any Captivate output since we are basically putting the Captivate output into an iframe within the Articulate Presentation.  The Captivate content thinks it is being played by a browser and the Articulate player only knows that it's displaying a web page.  That's the beauty of web objects.

Stephen Mead


I like the Articulate Studio Suite graphic presentations that can be placed in Articulate in the right hand corner with Attachments.
I especially like that they freeze the articulate presentation to show you the item you clicked on.

I read that these flash files claim to be able to integrate easily with other e-learning software.

Is there anyway with captivate to make these available in an attachments section similar to Articulate?



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