Interactions and Quizzes Not Publishing to Presenter


We just purchased Articulate Studio yesterday and am having an issue integrating anything from Quizmaker or Engage into a Powerpoint.

If I create an interaction from Engage and "publish to presentation" from there, I get a message telling me it was successful, but see nothing added to the Powerpoint. If I try to add an interaction/quiz directly from Presenter by clicking Engage -> Add Existing, the file shows up as "(Slide 0)", a new blank title slide is created, and that's it.

I've tried reinstalling the software and am following all of the steps in the User Guide and tutorials but to no avail... help!

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Des Fountain

I am not sure if you were experiencing the same exact issue I was, but I was able to fix my issue when running into (Slide 0). Here is the fix.

 I was able to contact Articulate help and they provided me this link.

The link basically says... if you are using Lync/Skype for Business, it needs to be the same year as your Microsoft Office. I had 2016 Lync and 2013 Office. I have upgraded my Office to 2016 to match Lync and everything is working beautifully.

I hope this helps anyone else having this same issue.