Interactive Flow Chart

Hello braniacs! 

     I'd like to create an interactive flow chart with 'if yes, then.... if no, then......" type actions.  I'd like to keep it very simple though, and don't want to spend 10 hours building a branched scenario (I'd like to keep it all on the same slide.)  Has anyone every made one of these?  How did you do it?

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Paul Kornman

I've never made one, but it would fairly easy using Flash.

I envision your scenario like this (since you want it simple): 

     For development, start with the complete flow chart laid out on the screen.

     When the animation starts the user sees only the first question and is prompted to choose "Yes" or "No" on the chart.

     Clicking "YES" would display the "yes" path choice and "gray out" the "No" choice (or vice versa), leading to the next decision point, and so on.

      At the end, you might show the entire flow chart (including the branches they didn't take - perhaps with the unused branches grayed out as well).

Good luck,

Paul K.