iPad Scorm Cloud Errors viewing Presenter-13 HTML with Tin Can

Posted a 3 slide and 1 quiz '13 lesson on Scorm cloud that runs just fine in a computer web browser, but gives me the following errors on an iPad.

I published to LMS, with Tin Can, without Mobile Player (I have a Web Object on slide 2).

I sent a private invitation to myself, picked this up int eh mail program on the iPad. Clicked the link which launched Safari. The Presenter Player appears and then I get:

1) Unable to connect to the server https://cloud.scorm.com

2) If I hit the Retry? button a little bit more of the lesson is downloaded (about 1 seconds worth)

3) If I hit Cancel, I get an Error 400.

4) When I hit "OK" in this pop-up, everything after that works just fine - the lesson comes down and I am able to view the slides (except with html-5 the Web Object is shifted off the right side of the screen since I had to keep the Notes pane there to avoid other Presenter '13 issues.

Took a look at this but this did not help me:


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Jeff Schlaybach

HI Leslie,

I tried various things like moving the iPad closer to the DSL router, etc. but none of these things changed this behavior.

I think the key for me that indicated this was not really a connection issue was that after step 4, everything worked OK. However, if I started the process all over again by relaunching the lesson I saw all the same errors in steps 1-3.

To be clear, this was running on an iPad using Safari and connecting to an html5 lesson on Scorm Cloud. For this test I did not build with the Articulate Mobile App support.

I don't have access to the iPad (was borrowing my daughter's) so I can't debug this any further today.