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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Clinton!

I'm not familiar with Litmos, so hopefully someone in the community will be able to pop in and assist here.

We typically advise to test content in SCORM Cloud so that we can know if the issue lies with the course or within the LMS. If you are able to replicate your issue in SCORM Cloud, then we would want to take a look, but if not you may need to follow up with your LMS team.

Robert Bers

OK, I think I found the problem. When publishing out of Storyline, checking the player option

'Use Articulate Mobile Player for iOS or Android' 

... will force the module to attempt to be started in the Articulate Mobile Player (duh!) , however the Articulate Mobile Player seems to bring on further complications.

Unchecking this option allowed the content to play directly and correctly out of Litmos.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Robert - and the reviews are something we keep an eye on, but unfortunately there was an issue with a release of iOS and how the published content wasn't displaying which cause a lot of difficulty.  If you're using the latest update of Studio '13 Storyline 2, iOS (10.2) and the Mobile player (ver 4.0) you shouldn't be running into any of the issues mentioned in the Reviews. 

If you're publishing for LMS, you'll likely need to publish with Tin Can api to be able to access in the mobile player.