Is Articulate the right tool for developing on-line courses?

I am looking for the right tool to develop slick elearning courses that I can market on my website and sell to industry professionals that want to complete on-line continuing education from a 3rd party for a fee.  Is this the right tool for that or is Articulate primarily suited for Companies wanting to develop their own internal based elearning courses.  Just not that familiar with the product, but it looks like it would be perfect.  Thanks for any insight. 

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David Anderson

Hi Tom and welcome to Heroes!

Short answer: Yes. Longer answer: Absolutely yes!

Articulate isn't just used to design internal e-learning courses--many designers develop commercial products for sales. Sometimes these are courses that augment a company's consulting services while other times the e-learning courses are the commercial products.

Some great examples can be found in our E-learning Examples blog:'

Another awesome resource would be the WOM Blog posts on the 2010 Guru Award winners and finalists:

Do you have any examples of online courses you're hoping to build? That would help us point you to more specific examples.

Great question!

Tex Hale

Hi David

If I set up a catalog in Microsoft Publisher, would it be possible to add links to courses contained in Articulate Online?

I want the learner to view the courses without having to log into Articulate Online.  Is this possible?

The catalog scenario would be something like:

Main heading - drop down menu showing link to course (when user clicks on the link it will launch the course).

Also, if it is possible, how secure is Articulate Online?  Can the courses be viewed by other people without my permission?

I do not have an Articulate Online account but if the above scenario is possible, then I will definitely be buying into it.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Tex.

Jeanette has put together an awesome Knowledge Base article on how to share your Articulate Online content with your users.  In addition, here is a more general overview of the Articulate Online User Portal.  Lastly, Gabe's blog post on Tracking Users in Articulate Online is also excellent!

Does this answer your questions?  Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!

Frank Natt

I've developed some eLearning courses that I am hosting on a Moodle site for work. These are compliance courses such as Hazard Awareness, Vehicle Safety, Employee Safety Orientation, etc.. I can very easily put these courses on the market for sale via a Learning Management System such as Articulate Online and Moodle.

I know with Moodle I can allow Guest access for a Demo course and I have the capability to assign passwords for access of courses that I would sell. All you have to do when publishing Storyline is publish it to SCORM with Moodle, SCORM 1.4. Once the course is published all that you have to do is zip up the course, upload the zip file and you're all set.

 I'm not an expert on Articulate Online but I know that Moodle will allow up to 500 MB for a course. I'm just a Novice in the eLearning world as I am a Health and Safety Manager by trade. With that stated, I've managed to put together some fairly professional looking content with Storyline! I hope that helps to answer your question Tom.