Is formatting of Presenter Bio's possible?

Feb 18, 2014

I've searched and not found an answer about if it's possible to format Presenter Bio text.  I'm hoping to do simple formatting like spacing between paragraphs and indents using bullets.

In trying to do so when adding/editing the Bio, it then just gets run together when published.  No blank lines between paragraphs and no indents for listed items.  What am I missing?

Thanks for your help.


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George Briggs

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for checking on this.  I thought I had deleted my post when, after posting, I revisited the "Presenter Bio" text field and was able to add blank lines, leading spaces and hyphens to create basic bulleted lines, etc.  That accomplished the basic formatting I needed.

Though I don't recall exactly how it some point I had pasted Bio text from a formatted Word doc (with line spacing and bullets).  When published, I notice that most formatting (the bullets, line spacing, etc.) was lost.  Going back in now, I was able to add extra line spaces and manufacture a bulleted I'm happy.

This is the first project that I opened in Presenter '13.  I had originally worked with it in Presenter '09.  I remember having some flakey things happening in '09, and perhaps the Bio text entry/editing was one of them.  I didn't go back and check.

So thanks again for responding.  As a suggestion for future updates, even the basic formatting options that I have available when typing this post would be nice to have in Presenter '13 for any text entry fields in the Player.

I appreciate the help!

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