Is it possible that a course can be too large for Articulate 13 to handle?

I have a course that was developed 8 years ago in Articulate 9. To make updates to the course recently, I upgraded it to 13. The published course is 176 MB with almost 1,500 files. The problem I'm experiencing is that I lose audio on some slides every time I publish. I have to do a lot of audio editing to match volumes and sometimes the audio just doesn't show up in the audio editor or it has "moved" to the next slide. Is it possible that Articulate 13 is unstable with this large program? I never had a problem with Articulate 9. I do have many other smaller courses in Articulate 13 and they all work fine. Thanks for any advice.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi MT,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing in your course when publishing and when working in the project file.

Size should not be the issue, but a couple of things come to mind:

  1. Are you working with local files, typically on your C: Drive?
  2. Are your audio file names well within the 260 character limit for your file path? 

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