Is there a way to keep the narration when moving Presenter 360 to a new Ppt template?

Hello - 

I need to move a published Presenter 360 course into a new Ppt template.  When I copy/pasted the slides into the new template and go to Narration in the Articulate tab, I can see the time that the narration was, but I don't see it, and when I click to play, the timer moves, but I can't hear any narration.  The triggers for the animation is still there, is just the voiceover that seems to be gone.  Is there a way to get that back, or do I need to re-record and re-synch the animations for the full course?  



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Lauren Connelly

Hi Cindy!

I'm happy to help!

Copying a slide will not include the Narration or audio. In order to include the same narration in another project, I recommend using the Export Narration feature.

To use this feature:

  1. In the original project, click Narration.
  2. Right-click on the Narration on the timeline.
  3. Choose Export Narration. This will save the narration as an audio file so you can use it outside of the project where it was created.

Here's a quick look at these steps in action:

Let me know if you have any questions!

Dave Neuweiler

Hi Cindy, I think there's another way to approach this.

Instead of copying or moving your slides to the new template, why not just apply the new template to the existing PowerPoint?

This is strictly a PowerPoint operation, so it should affect nothing Articulate-related, like your narration.

You should Google "apply new template" along with the version of PowerPoint you're using, because there are minor differences in the steps depending on which version of PowerPoint you have.

The basic steps are these:

1. Save your PowerPoint template as a template file (that will have a ".potx" extension).

2. With the PowerPoint of the 360 presentation open, go to the Design Tab, and expand it to show all of the themes.

3. Find and click on "Browse for Themes."

4. Navigate to wherever the POTX template file was saved, and open it.

The new template is now applied to the existing 360 presentation's PowerPoint.

I hope that helps!