Is there a way to trigger Javascript in Articulate Presenter?

Hello I'm currently using Articulate Presenter 09 for a project, and I would like to trigger javascript to have a certificate printed? Is there a way to do this? 

I already have the javascript that I know works (I have used it in Storyline), but would like to know if there is a way to get this same javascript to work in a Presenter project. 

Thank you!

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Minh-Triet Nguyen

What if you created a separate HTML web page with your certificate image and text and then put the javascript on that page?  Then insert the web page as a web object.  You could have it open in a new window so the document.print() method would print just the certificate page, and not the whole articulate window.

As I recall, to insert a local web object, you have to put all the files and assets in a folder and call your HTML page, index.html (or index.htm) because Presenter wants to copy the whole folder and looks to launch the index.html page by default.

Phil Mayor

Steve Flowers said:

I've built a Flash certificate for Presenter that pulls in the username from the LMS in the past. It's been awhile but it's definitely possible. Look at the LMSAPI calls. The same calls Presenter makes can be invoked from a getURL action from Flash.

Yes i had one, I have lost it though, wasnt difficult and got the flash code from James Kingsleys site