issue with Accented Character and Label fonts

Jul 14, 2011

 Here is a summary of the issue: 1. When using accented characters (in Arial MS Unicode), and published using “Western” fonts, the characters display correctly everywhere except the heading title in the Notes tab. The labels on the player use a bold font that is legible. 2. To fix the problem of the accented character displaying correctly in the Notes tab heading, I changed to publish using “Non-Western” fonts. However, the labels on the player now look very different. This would be okay, except that the playbar text is now very thin and not very legible. (see screenshot) 3. So… how can we display the correct characters in the Notes tab heading AND display a decent font in the playbar area? As you saw, QA’s response was: "Device fonts are supplied by the system hardware and are capable of producing the special characters needed in some non-western languages." This means publishing with the non-Western character set is going to look different from publishing with the Western character set. 


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Brian Batt

Hi Jaya,

Yes, when you publish to a non-western character set, it will use the default system to display the text.  If you're not viewing the presentation on a system that is configured for the appropriate non-western language, the text might not look as good.

Also, if you have your presentation set to fill the browser window, you might try setting it to the optimized size.

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