Issue with audio embedded in .swf file

Dear sir,

i have a issue with audio embedded in .swf files that, when i imported .swf files having  .wave embedded audio files into PPT presentation using artculate presenter and published the presentation using articulate presenter.

The audio embedded in one frame of swf file is overlapping with the audio embedded in other frame.

Althrough when i play the same .swf file in a flash player it is sounding very clearer and not overlapping.

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Adrian Gates

Just to be clear, do you mean you've also imported the wav audio into presenter in addition to having the same audio in the SWF? If so, I'd reccomend combining all your audio into the audio track of your SWF and having no audio in the presenter for that slide. If the swf takes longer to download and play, you may have sync issues, so having all the audio tied to the swf will avoid that issue, since it will always start in the proper time..