issue with custom icon quality

Hello folks,

Hope someone can help with the problem we're having.

We've created presentations with custom navigation in AP - this navigation comes in the form of some small images, with a transparent shape on the top to be used as a link to another part of the presentation.

The files were originally vector, we brought  them int Photoshop as smartobjects, and saved to web as...PNG, GIF, and JPG.

The problem we're having is with the image quality. the icons just seem to look fuzzy. We've tried a few different file formats as aforementioned...PNG, GIF, JPG (JPG being the best of a bad bunch).

This happens as soon as they are put into PowerPoint - but becomes worse when published to Presenter.

We've tried publishing with the images to lossless - no real difference
We've tried locking presentation to optimal in the player template options - no real difference
We've tried resizing the images to the size they should be on the slide before import into PP - no real difference

If anyone has any ideas they'd be greatly appreciated.



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