Issue with Exit button when running courses in Chrome

May 06, 2014


I'm having trouble with this issue again.... Whilst I appear to have resolved it with IE11, it is still not working for users running the module in Chrome...

I've tried most of the tips in - I have the configuration.js file set to ALWAYS_CLOSE_TOP, the Player Template to open in another window. I also have update 10 installed.

Are there any additional troubleshooting tips I can try for this browser? I

'm not sure where to go next!



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Sarah Street


Thanks for getting back to me Leslie

The courses affected don't have embedded web objects in them, so I don't think that is the issue. I've had the issue in other browsers but been able to fix them using the tips in the link in my first message, just Chrome that is still affectged

I already have the presentation opeining in a new window, so would it still be worth trying the changes to the flashcommand.js recommended, do you think?



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