Issue with .flv files in custom swfs embedded in Engage

I have a presenter course that contains a few engage process interactivities. In two of these I have included custom flash files that use the flvplayback component to play an external .flv file.

When I copy the .flv files to the /player directory and the swf controls to the root directory, it works fine, except that if I play one of the engage files, the videos load fine, but then when I navigate to the next one, the .flv files don't appear. It's the same in either order - both engage files work if they are the first interactivity I launch, but if I play one of them, the other one can't load the flv files. 

I think it's an issue with two swfs sharing the same flvplayback component. I tried renaming the component in the swf but that just corrupted the .fla and I had to delete the movie clips with the .flv files before I could reopen the fla.

Has anyone else had a similar problem? Am I being too ambitious in my use of engage

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