Issue with publishing - quiz questions moving around

Jul 04, 2014


I am having an issue with the quizzes I've designed in Quizmaker when I publish my presentation.  I’ve detailed the issue that I’m running into below:

·         I have multiple quizzes in my e-learning.  All of the quiz questions are set such that they appear in a specific order.  The user knows when they reach the end of the quiz as there is a slide telling them that they’ve reached the end and gives them instructions on how to review the information in the quiz should they want to (i.e., a conclusion slide).

·         The quiz questions were not set to be randomized, however, once I publish the e-learning certain of the quiz questions intermittently move out of order.  For example, if I have a quiz with 6 slides (quiz questions + blank slides), the title page will show up fine, question 1 (which is on slide 2) will be skipped, slides 3-5 appear in order, the conclusion slide appears, then question #1 will appear at the end.

·          The issue occurs intermittently.  For example, I can run the published version and it will work fine.  I then close it, open it and try to run it again and I will have an issue (the one described above) with quiz #2.  I then close it again and open it, quiz 2 works fine, but then there will be an issue with quiz 4.  It also occurs for multiple people on different computers.

·        In an attempt to fix this issue, I tried to force the questions to appear in order by turning randomization on and then locking all of the questions to the one above (i.e., to try to trick the program to force the order of the questions).  That unfortunately did not work.  I also tried to recreate my quiz files from scratch - that also didn't work.  I finally started (on a different computer with all brand new files) to recreate the e-learning and the issue is still occurring when I publish.


I've managed to publish this e-learning many times before without issue occurring.  I am out of ideas on what else to try to fix it.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you!





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