Issue with Resources displaying in Articulate Presenter '13 in HTML5 version

I have a course in Studio (Presenter) '13. There is a Resources area linked from a button in the course player. My resources are links to other websites. When I publish and review the HTML5 versions, the text of the links is hidden:

This is the non-HTML5 version:

This is the HTML5 version with the bug:


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andrew,

Can you point me to a particular slide that I could see this issue? I took a look at the first couple slides (specifically the link to the Creative Commons license) and those appeared normally in Flash andHTML5, and both successfully opened the site. 

If you're viewing it and running into issues with the HTML5 can you also check what browser you're using? With Studio '13 you'd want to check that you're using the Chrome browser or Safari. You'll see the list of supported browsers here. 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Andrew. Thanks for the links and the shots! I couldn't see the link text in the Resources tab in Chrome HTML5 either (IE and Edge is not supported for Studio '13 HTML5 output).

I'll do some testing with a new file. In the meantime, are you able to share your articulate package with me so I can test yours as well (directions in here)?


Crystal Horn

Hi Andrew.  Thanks for your files.  I believe there is something about the custom player that you're using which is causing an issue.  I was able to reproduce after publishing your file, but when I switched to the default Presenter player, Resource links were visible in HTML5.

I'm still having a look at those colors and settings, hoping to whittle it down to the culprit.

Andrew Dunn

It seems to take the resource text colour from Base > Link Text in the colour editor, so the resource links must always be the same colour as the title in the player. The Studio 13 player editor documentation says that this colour should be taken from List Item > Normal Text (like the menu items).

My options are to have the module title and the resources button in dark text, or to add a menu/resource panel background colour

Crystal Horn

Hi Andrew - You nailed it.  I can replicate changing only those fields in a new project.  Here's my Flash output as compared to HTML5 (HTML5 can be viewed only in Chrome, Safari or mobile devices).

Your detailed troubleshooting made it possible for me to properly document this issue, so big thanks for your contributions!  I'll let you know in this discussion if any changes are made to Studio '13.  In the meantime, I hope those workarounds are viable for you.