Issue with Tin Can publishing


I'm having problems publishing TinCan content with Articulate Studio.

I'm running a WordPress site with Grassblade LRS. All the outputs I have uploaded from Storyline work fine, launch and track as they should.

I've tried three different presentations published as TinCan in Presenter, uploaded them and created xapi content in the same way but it fails to load each time with the same error.

The error is:

Unable to connect to the server.

Please verify you can connect to the internet and relaunch the course.

Status Code: 401.

As everything seems to working as it should with the Storyline output I guess that there might be a problem with the Presenter output?

Any help gratefully received.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi David!

This article will help you determine when to publish Articulate Presenter courses for Tin Can API, how to publish, and where to host your published content.

Be sure that you are zipping the content from the publish successful dialog box. 

Are you able to recreate the issue when you test the content in SCORM Cloud or is this issue limited to your LMS?