Issue with upload to Web Server after upgrade to Studio 13


I recently upgraded to Studio '13, I still have courses in the old Studio '09 version .

When opening my courses in Articulate Studio '09, the system automatically requests to upgrade to Articulate Studio '13. After the upgrade, I try to publish for WEB delivery. Once uploaded to our Web server (ftp://lvnpwelearn01/), I copy the link to Sharepoint for Donaldson people in Europe to access the course (as we dont have a LMS). This used to work in the past.

So now I have updated my course with new info (after the upgrade), when clicking the new link on Sharepoint...the system gives me a "Server error: 403 - Fobidden: Access is denied - You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied."

I have contacted my IT department and asked them to check my access to the Web Server, nothing is wrong...I can still access the Web old link to a STUDIO09 course still works...its only the new upgraded courses who doesnt seem to work this way. I even tried with another name, ...didnt work.

I wanted to continue working in the old '09 files, but after clicking 'no', when asked if you want to upgrade cannot continue, you need to upgrade if you want to edit...

Can you please help me out here? Hopefully I dont need to recreate these courses in Studio '13??

Thank you!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lies,

Can you try uploading them to another site to see if something occurred in the file or if it's how the Sharepoint site is reading the Studio '13 files? You could use one of the sites mentioned here to upload your files to a web server. 

Studio '09 and '13 can't be installed on the same system, so you'd have to uninstall Studio '13 if you wanted to access the files in Studio '09 and you'll need to use the back up method that was created when upgrading to Studio '13.