Issue with video after publishing

Jul 18, 2012

I am having an issue with a video after the presentation is published. The slide where the video is place shows up blank, not even the black box where the video should be. Initially it was happening when publishing and the clicking View Presentation. I finally got it to show from my files after redoing the entire presentation. However, now it is doing the same thing when placed on the server for our LMS. The video plays locally from my machine but not when being broadcast through the LMS. Does anyone have an idea as to what the issue could be.

I have been working on other trainings with video and not had the issue. Help!

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Jeanette Brooks

Good suggestion, Jessica, on the filename. It's true that special characters in the video file name can cause issues with the video displaying properly in the published output.

Chris, did you take a look at the other suggestions in this article? There are several items there to check, so it's worth taking a look. Probably one of the most frequent causes I've seen of videos not displaying when published is the first item listed in that article.

Jeanette Brooks

Awesome! And yeah, that's a very common occurrence - when you publish for Web, but then test the project locally, typically your browser's security restrictions will not allow all content to play as designed, since the content was prepared for Web viewing and not local viewing. A good rule of thumb is to always test your published content after you've placed it in its intended home. Glad you're all set now!

Sij X

Hi everyone! 

I'm facing a rather strange video issue

I've embedded a video from YouTube in my slide which is around 34 minutes long. I want the user to watch the complete video before going to the next slide so the 'Next' button is 'hidden' till the video ends. I'm just using this player bar (image below) for internal testing. The issue is that the video ends much before the player bar ends and the hidden Next button becomes visible (highlighted below).

How do I get the player bar to re-size and match my video length so that the Next button only becomes visible when the video seek has reached the end of the player bar? Any thoughts?

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