Issue with white space around published presentation

Hi there, 

I have a presentation that I recently published that when viewed in IE8 displays with white space around the outside of the Articulate presentation. This causes the presentation to drop down the page and require the end user to scroll to access the navigation buttons. 

Does anyone know what would cause this? 

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 


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Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Matthew. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Have you had a chance to try viewing the content in another browser? If so, does the same thing happen with the additional space?

Also, are you able to share a link to the published content, so I can take a look and test in a few browsers?


Matthew Masci

Hi Christine... Thanks for your follow up. 

I've posted the module to

I don't experience the same issue with Chrome or Firefox (or even IE6). 

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. 



Christine Hendrickson

Hi Matthew,

Unfortunately, I'm unable to tell a difference in any browsers. However, I'm using Internet Explorer 10 (on a Windows 8 machine, so I cannot install IE8), Google Chrome and Firefox, which you've already used to test. 

First, you might want to take a look at this thread. The issue isn't exactly the same, but the suggestions may help fix this issue for you. 

Also, if you'd like, welcome to submit the files to our support team in a support case for further testing. 

In the mean time, you may want to direct users to a "preferred browser" to view the content. Chrome, Firefox or a more recent version of Internet Explorer (or even an older version, as you mentioned IE6 works for you). 

Thanks Matthew!