Issues embedding Vimeo videos into Presenter

Hi all,

We're attempting to embed Vimeo videos with the standard embed code into a Presenter course and running into issues.

We get an error on Internet Explorer and it just shows a blank slide on Safari and Firefox.

We are using Vimeo because the content we are producing uses propritary video from the client and we need to be able to restrict access through Vimeo.

I saw posted earlier this year that there were some know issues with Vimeo embedding. Have these been resolved? If not, what's the workaround to embed video into a course that can be locked down so it's not viewable on a public place like YouTube?

Thanks for your help!


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Brian Batt

Hi Dave,

After you publish your file, are you testing it from a web server or locally?  When you test content locally and you have a web object, some browsers don't like to load content locally and then display something from the web.  It's called "mixed content" and we see a lot of browser security around that.  The best way to test your content is online from a web server.