Issues with a Captivate web object and Presenter

Hello. I have inserted a web object into my Presenter and am having some issues. Oddly, when I preview the whole presentation, the web object slide only plays the first few "clicks" of my capture and then produces this error message - "An error has occurred on the script on this page." After some time, the presentation starts again on the slide after the web object slide.

However, when I run a preview of just the slide that has the web object, the web object runs correctly. Has anyone ever had this issue? How do I correct it?



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Peter Anderson

Hi Kelly,

What version of Captivate are you working with? Captivate 5 doesn't support ActionScript 2. Here's a knowledge base article that provides instructions for adding a Captivate 5 .swf as a web object: 

If you have followed the directions from the link above and continue to have trouble, please let me know. Thanks!