Issues with Articulate Mobile Player & Tin Can LMS publishing

I really need help figuring out what is going on with my published files. I have encountered 2 separate (but possibly somewhat related) issues with the output I am receiving from Presenter:

1. When publishing for LMS use, I can't view the content through our website and I receive this error when I attempt to: "Cannot Launch Content. Configuration data is missing or incorrect. Please try again." It works fine when publishing for the web, but then I run into a completely different issue with the Articulate Mobile Player.

2. When trying to view the web published, iosLaunch version of the content on the iPad I get an error saying: "Cannot Download Content. Articulate Mobile Player cannot download the content because one or more files cannot be found."

For specifics, I am placing the content on our hosting server and referencing it through an iframe to make it viewable from within our site, like viewing it through a window. Both the hosting and the viewing site are two different domains, but when setting an alert and stepping throught the published content it finds the same URL it needs (where it is hosted, not getting confused with the site viewing it through the iframe). Now, even though I am viewing the content through the iframe, I still can't see it when referencing the iosLaunch.html directly from the folder it is located in on the iPad.

At this point, I think its way over my head. Please help me asap, because we are launching this big course by the end of this month and all eyes are on me to make it happen and work properly.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Frank!

For most any LMS-related issue, this blog post is the place to begin.  You also want to be certain that you are packaging your published content properly for your LMS.

If you wind up empty-handed after reviewing the links above, I would next recommend comparing the performance of your content at SCORM Cloud.  If you cannot reproduce the problem there, this is likely an LMS-specific issue, and you will want to generate debug logs and supply them to your LMS Provider for additional troubleshooting.

Please be sure that you are viewing your content in it's intended environment. It sounds as if you may be trying to view locally.

If you view published Articulate Presenter content on your local hard drive or send it to someone else to view on their local hard drive, you'll encounter security restrictions from the computer, web browser, Flash Player, and network that'll cause various features to fail. 

Cho Phillips

One step ahead of you Leslie. Already read the articles and there is no mention about the Tin Can LMS within the Word of Mouth blog. Plus, I would assume even the LMS published content would work and still be visible/usable like the Web published output would be. At least there isn't anything I have read anywhere that tells me why it wouldn't work like normal, even if say the LMS content isn't currently being utilized for capturing quiz scores and results. Unless it is my misunderstanding of how the LMS works.

At any rate, I believe I resolved my second issue with the Articulate Mobile Player, but I am still having trouble getting the HTML5 output to display properly on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. For some odd reason, its shifting the content to the right and cropping it from within the iframe. I have the iframe matching the same dimensions as the content's width and height that is preset in the CSS (1024x690). Since I am currently stuck using an iframe to display content securely through out site at the moment, I really don't have much of a choice but to find a way to make it work.

I will see what I can continue to do from my side, playing with the debugger and all, but a little more information about how the LMS actually works would be great I guess. If you could help with understanding how the HTML5 can properly display on my Tab then I would appreciate that the most. 

Thanks Leslie!

Cho Phillips

Ok so I have noticed that the HTML5 content loads very slow, and when opened on the fab 5 web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Sarafi, and IE) only Chrome works. In fact, only Firefox returns an error that says "No video with supported format and MIME type found." Since I dont know much about this, I wanted to pass it along to you.

I will republish and output, and will let you know if I make any further progress, but please see if there is something that can be done about the videos in HTML5. We need them to work.

Cho Phillips

Ok, last bit of notes with the HTML5 versions:

Chrome is the only one working to pretty much standard levels, with very little issue in HTML5. All the other browsers are quirky, and very hit and miss. Will explain in the next paragraph. Now for some odd reason a button I put into the PPT slide isn't showing up when ran in HTML5, but is there in the other versions (Flash & AMP). When it comes to the quizzes and all the browsers, if I hit the retry button it works fine, but as soon as I hit review then decide to retry, it does nothing but clear my results and makes no change to the screen. Even if I exit the section and go back, its still in the same place. Just shows all fail. I would have to refresh the browser to get a new start on the quizzes.

Now the browser by browser issues with the HTML5 output:

Safari and IE are very hit and miss with the videos. It does display them if they are in a PPT slide, but in the interactions they either show as blank white, black, or even solid green boxes/screens with no video (and sometimes audio though... spooky). As I mentioned earlier, the videos do not work as needed, but in Opera and Firefox they dont work at all.

Opera and IE are having issues with the Glossary drop down button when its at the top of the frame (like up top where the exit button normally goes). It literally only shows an iFrame style box that is as big as that little tiny button. Probably no bigger than a 15px by 25px box right up there underneath the name of the presentation.

Again, Opera also has issues with the mapping of where buttons should be clickable as well in certain interactions. Its like they are all shifted 25px off the button from the left and the top. On every button or interaction, every time. Also it shifts the positions of every slide in certain weird ways (such as the media tour interaction) where it is also shifted from the top and left side a certain amount of pixels (about 75 or so this time).

Opera in general isn't allowing any of my hyperlinks to work. Buttons I have made in PPT with links to our site are rendered useless.

Overall, Opera is the worst with your guy's content being published for HTML5. I assume its probably a browser specific issue, but not all the browsers should be this problematic.

I will submit all this in a support ticket as well, just in case your hands are tied at this point.