Issues with pages not showing correctly (or at all) on LMS

Hey guys,

I'm new to Articulate. I have created a course which runs great locally. When uploaded to our LMS, it's really slow, and on the slides after an Engage interaction, sometimes the slide doesn't load (and it's just text and images), and sometimes the Engage interaction sits on top of other slides (offset so I could tell there was another slide underneath). 

I'm pretty sure all my branching is correct. There is another instance in the course where a page (following a standard text/image page) doesn't load. I've got two transparent buttons acting as hyperlinks on this particular page. Would that be the reason it's not loading?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



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Stefano Posti

Hello Kirsty,

it must be some problem in the SCORM player of your LMS...

A few questions may help: What LMS do you use? it is fully SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 compliant?

Did you publish your course for LMS using tha appropriate options and then zipping the package?

Links cannot spoil the loading of your pages... what browser do you use? What do you exactly mean with "locally"? Published for LMS and launched opening player.html? or you have a portable web LMS server in your PC to test your courses?

Please provide more details to help us to focus on this issue, we'll be glad to help.