Issues with PowerPoint

Hi, I've just started using Articulate Presenter and am running into lots of problems.  I was creating a new template (customizing the colors) and when I went to save the PPT file my computer got hung up and looked like it was trying to save but doing so for about 30-40 minutes  with no luck.  Now when I got back into PPT and select Articulate, it pulls up the menu but won't allow me to select anything - i.e., can't select Presentation Template, presentation options, nothing.  Any help would be great appreciated.  Thanks so much.  I'm going to try and shutdown again now and see if that helps.  ty

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Brian Batt

Hi Sheri & welcome to Heroes,

First, you'll want to make sure that all of your Articulate items are enabled.  See the link below for more information:

Then, verify that you have Visual Basic for Applications installed:

If you continue to have problems, make sure that you're working off of your local hard drive instead of your network drive or USB drive.

sheri delaney

Hi Brian, and thanks for the quick response.  I took the steps you provided.  Initially things looked better.  I was able to get into Player Templates. Then I clicked on Slide Properties and I just get this blue circle (status circle) that keeps rotating on my screen.  It's as if it's trying to do something but nothing is happening.  It's been running like that for about 15 minutes now.  And I can't do anything else in PTT.  Thank you.