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I have recently published some e-learning material produced using Presenter which was then circulated within a pilot team of 5 users. For some reason none of them could get standard PowerPoint hyperlinks, Send Link or  Bookmark to work at all within the presentation. but all the links work without any issues for me when I'd previewed the material.

I suspected that something had been lost in the Publishing process so I set about extracting the files form the Zip file I sent the users and replayed the material - and all the links worked fine! I'm very confused. I don't think it's likely that all the users local laptop settings were causing issues as they are all on a different build (with differing IE versions etc...). And yet I can't figure out what the problem might be. Any ideas?

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Brian Batt

Hi Nada,

You should not test web content offline due to browser and Flash player security restrictions. If you are distributing your content offline, you should publish for CD and launch the presentation via Launch_presentation.exe. If you are planning on distributing your content online you should upload the content to the server it will be hosted on and test it there. 

To learn more about publishing an EXE from Presenter '09, please see the link below: 

Nada Al-Ashbal

Hi Brian,

Thanks very much for sharing the info (and apologies for writing back so late, I've been away getting married and have only just got back into the swing of things!). I must admit I hadn't used the publish for CD option before as I'd never come across this issue in previous pilots. However you are correct in that the URLs worked without any issues once the material had been published online.

Many thanks for your help,