Java script error when previewing

After publishing my Presenter file and selecting to View Presentation, I am receiving a JaveScript  Alert message. 

Abode Flash Player has stopped a potentially unsafe operation. The following local applications on your computer or network: C:User/RRTU86\Documents\My%Articulate%20Projects\Introductions%20Bearings\player\stealthray.swf

Is trying to communicate with this Internet-enabled location:

C:\User|RRTU86\Documents|My Articulate Projects\Introduction to Bearings\player.html

The course is functioning correctly on my desktop and on the LMS. 

Does anyone know what this Alert is about?  Is it something I need to be concerned about?  We are about to announce this course, so I want to be proactive and address any potential issues.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Cheryl,

No, this error is not something you need to worry about if you're launching the course locally. If you're not seeing errors when you view the course on your LMS, it's fine.

Here's a little more information that may help explain why you're seeing this type of message:

If you view a published Presenter '09 presentation on your local hard drive or send it to someone else to view on their local hard drive, you'll encounter security restrictions from the computer, web browser, Flash Player, and network that'll cause various features of your content to fail.
To properly test your published content and share it with others, upload it to the environment for which it was published. Please review the following article for details: