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Hi all,

I have a requirement in my course, that,  if user click one button in my presentation it should launch the system calculator, if he press one more button it should launch the notepad. So that user can do the necessary calculation and he/she can write some thing related to the topic on notepad and he/she can store that file in his/her local drive. That's what my requirement. Is it possible to launch the exe files on clicking the button in presentation? if yes, please let me know the process. If no,please tell me there is any alternate way for the same.....

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Santhosh Kumar M

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santhosh kumar

Thanks Phil,

I am using my course for both web and projector, so in that case your advice is to building the apps in flash right. I can build the calc and notepad apps in flash using AS, but  one thing I don't know is how to save the notepad data in to local drive which I have created in flash. If u have any Idea to make it save, please help me out.


Santhosh Kumar M

Phil Mayor

I have really never tried this,  on the web you are probably going to have to write it to a database and then offer it back as a download (possibly via a web object) possibly do something in php

Via the projector I think you may be able to do this using fscommand, but I am only guessing, hopefully James or Steve Flowers can chime in