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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Steve,

I have to admit, I've never heard of anyone storing files in OneNote. 

Are you asking about your project files or the published version of your courses?

I'm sure someone will be able to chime in and help you out with this, but it would be helpful to understand what you would like to accomplish first.

Steve Caponigri

Essentially, we have OneNote and OneDrive from Microsoft as our free file storage tools, and would like to convert one or both in a makeshift LMS. Due to business needs, the website we currently use to house and play Articulate files will no longer be available. We have tried storing the files in OneNote, and got different errors for that. Then we put the published project in OneNote, and linked the file that we typically do to onenote (as the front-end UI), but got "File Not Found" Errors, when the lilnk was opened in Chrome, IE, or FireFox.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Steve,

I use Amazon S3 in a similar way that you are describing. I publish to Web, upload entire published folder to Amazon S3, double check that the content is public, then share the link to the story.html file.

Does that sound similar to the steps you are taking?

Curious if anyone in the community has any experience using a similar setup.