Launching lesson off hard drive, not from LMS?

Hi -- I've got lessons done, published, and saved as .zip folders. I want to experience them as a user would. But I don't have them loaded into any LMS. I know I can "preview" them within Articulate, but that takes FOREVER. How do I just open them from within my web browser? Thanks very much in advance.

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Peter Anderson

Hey Michael!

If you have published your course for LMS and wish to view it before uploading to your LMS, you should uncheck the Output Option to zip the presentation. This will allow you to launch your presentation locally via player.html. 

When you're ready to prepare your course for upload to your LMS, you can either zip the contents of the output directory yourself, or republish from Articulate Presenter with the zip Output Option selected. 

Index_lms.html will not launch a presentation on your local drive, but is the launch file you should use once you've uploaded your course to your LMS.