Learners taking notes

I haven't yet seen a way for us to offer a notepad within Articulate so that learners could take notes while they're learning.  is there one that I'm just missing?

Functionality that I'm looking for would be just a basic notepad in the presenter, so that users could take notes while learning, and then come back and reference them later.  Ideally, each screen would remember its own notes.

If there isn't this functionality built in, how do most people suggest users take notes?

Thanks, folks!


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Peter Anderson

Hey Dan!

Great question. Have a look at what Jeanette put together a while back, allowing users to write down some notes and takeaways from the course and then print them out at the end. Check it out here:


Curious to know if you think that will work for your purposes...

Good luck!

Rachel D'Angelo

I really like the option to allow learners to capture their key take-aways at the end. However, I would really like to offer the option to print throughout the course. For example, I'm building a full course in Quizmaker using blank and survey slides. I use the blank slides to teach the content and the survey (i.e. essay) slides to have learners capture their personal application of the previously taught content. Anyone know how to either allow multiple opportunities to print? Or even how to allow a single print at the end that would compile all essay slides into one print?