Learning game (choices) not advancing

Hi heroes!

I'm having an issue with a published course I am testing. It seems once the user gets to the learning game (in this case, it is a choices game), and answers the question either correctly or incorrectly, the advance button that appears does not work. The results screen is not enabled so the advance screen is on the question slide. 

Thanks in advance for any insight!


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Peter Anderson

Hey Jordyn!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention This is a known issue and our developers are working to resolve it. 

To workaround the problem, please do the following: 

In PowerPoint: 

1) Select the Learning Game slide 
2) Select Learning Games in the menu 
3) Choose 'Edit an existing learning game slide" 
4) Choose the appropriate slide from the drop-down menu. 
5) Click OK 
6) Uncheck the box "Require completion" 
7) Select Next until you reach the Finish button. 

Do this for each affected Learning Slide and then republish. You will then find that the Learning Game slides advance as expected.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Edward and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! This thread follows the knowledgebase articles that we have in place, so I have no update to offer. Learning Games were retired with the release of Studio '13. Could you share some more about what you have going with your project so that you could get some assistance with what you are trying to accomplish? I'm not sure what you mean by edit the results screen.